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One of our favourite and most healthy offerings falls within our expansive Mediterranean menu offering. We simply love to add the rich influences from Countries such as Italy and Greece to our Mediterranean offerings. 

Mediterranean cuisine itself is the food from the cultures adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. Although this region spans a wide variety of cultures, the historical connections of the region have led to there being many common elements in the foods. Basically we believe in the simple quality of the ingredients which consists primarily of fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on poultry and seafood, grains, beans and pastas. 

One of the world renowned products that we love to use include olive oil, which is the most prevalent fat or oil used in the preparation of salads, marinades, vegetables, poultry, and seafood. Other delicacies include; Eggplant, artichokes, squash, tomatoes, legumes, onions, mushrooms, okra, cucumbers, and a variety of greens are served fresh, baked, roasted, sautéed, grilled, Yogurt and cheese.