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Here at Sweet Sensations we pride ourselves on our wide ranging Nigerian dishes. We know and understand the complex composition of Nigerian cuisine which consists of dishes or food items from the hundreds of ethnic groups that comprise the West African nation. Like other West African cuisines, it uses spices and herbs in conjunction with palm oil or groundnut oil to create deeply flavoured sauces and soups often made very hot with chilli peppers. Our food styles recreate the colourful and lavish feasts that Nigeria is famed for.


West African

Sweet Sensations catering maintains a popular West African offering. Our experts understand the food and culture which helps preserve the quality and originality of the cuisine. West African food possesses a diverse range of foods that are split between its 16 countries. Rice and Yams are two of the most widely grown foods in Western Africa. Indigenous foods consist of a number of plant species and animals which are indigenous to Africa. 

The history of West Africa plays a large role in their cuisine and recipes, and they are largely influences by the traditions and local customs. West Africa traded with the Arab world and this introduced cinnamon and rice into their cuisine, ingredients which have become central parts of their culinary traditions. The Europeans and slave ships brought over chilli peppers and tomatoes from the new world which have also been incorporated to be key parts of West African cuisine. Many of the most popular dishes we prepare are enriched by tomatoes, onions and chilli peppers; these are considered essential and "sacred" to the cooking technique of the region.