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Sweet Sensations Catering maintains a vastly experienced workforce which is split between full time chefs etc and part-time front-of-house staff, with a stand by team of temps. 

Our staff structure has been erected to facilitate the largest requirement down to the most personal and minor event. Training, strong ethics, and an unflinching desire to deliver quality are the daily principles that all Sweet Sensations staff work to and this is monitored by the director ho is a celebrated and experienced chef.

Each member of staff has navigated through our rigorous selection process which includes;

  • interview¬†
  • security cleared
  • induction
  • training programme

Applicants and prospect candidates alike are trained in all the skills necessary to excel at their jobs, but more than anything we train all of our staff to take pride in their work and to understand the importance of their role in delivering the Sweet Sensations catering experience.